November 1, 2010

1987 Topps League Leaders

A nice little gem from 1987 Topps Company. This set was put together to show off the different league leaders in Baseball. I guess you can call these cards "Mini Cards" as they are much smaller than a regular card measuring out at about 2" x 3". The packs themselves are wrapped in thin plastic making it easy to see what the top card is. These packs also retailed at $0.30 a pack. Lets open this bad boy up and see what we find!

Nothing special about the way these packs look. But they wanted to make sure that you knew they were Super Glossy Cards.

First card, if you couldn't tell from the pack scan, is good old HOFer George Brett (#57) in that lovely powered blue uniforms. These were the good old days when the Royals were actually a decent team. He was ranked #3 in On-Base Pct at .401

Next up we have #49 John Cangelosi. He had a 13 year career with 7 different teams, but never did have a great season. In 1986 he had 50 steals, but in the other 11 only managed 104...Hmmmm

Next up is #70, Phil Bradley. Another player who made it to the big leagues, but just couldn't find his spot. 8 years played with 4 different teams.

The next card is the "Spring Fever Baseball" promo card. All you had to do was to fill out the back and send it in for a chance to win a trip for 3 days/2 nights to the Spring Training of your choice. I wonder who won this trip...

Ok our first former Yankee, although Mariano Duncan (#13) is shown here with the Dodgers. Played 12 years and finished his career with the Blue Jays. Just an average player.

Ok another player we have all heard of before: Darryl Strawberry #26. Who didn't love this guy? Played for both New York teams, although he was a stud with the Mets and a flop with the Yankees. But we still love him here in New York!

Another former Yankee! Steve Sax #15. Although I don't remember watching him play live, I do remember when I was in camp during a contest, we were asked: A Yankee with a Musical Instrument Name- Yep I got it right! He was also the ROY in 1982. Ryne Sandberg was #6 in voting that year...

The last card is #69 Dave Kingman. This guy was just a Home Run hitting machine! Played 16 seasons and ended with 442 HRs. Oh and he played 8 games for the Yankees! I also just wanted to show the backs of the cards. 

So there you have it. My first rip on my new blog. It is really an uneventful 77 card set. But back in 1987 you had the biggest stars in this set. We pulled the Brett, so I'm happy with that!

Hopefully i'll start to get some followers so that I'm not the only person reading these. 

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