November 2, 2010

2010 Panini Epix FB

I was searching ebay and came across a value pack of 2010 Epix football cards, and the seller claimed it was a "Hot Pack" and will have either a GU or Auto in it. He had perfect feedback, so I figured lets give this a shot. There are 40 cards in the pack, and I won't be showing all of them. Only the inserts and a few "Good" players and rookies. So lets open up this bad boy and see what we find!!!

Front of the pack.

I opened the bottom half of the pack first. Mostly base cards. This scan shows the fronts and backs of the cards. Simple design on the front and on the back it gives a little story about each player. Panini likes to keep it nice and clean really. 

There was one insert in the bottom half. It is of Charles Woodson, Ball Hawks Insert, #5. Pretty cool looking insert, nothing flashy about it. I love how Panini just gives this inserts numbers on the back instead of BH-5 or BH5. Easier to look up on Beckett. BV-$2.50

And the big hit of the pack:
You guessed it...a decoy card!!! Not happy right now. So a wrote the seller on ebay and we'll see what happens. But he's most likely going to get a Negative for this one.

Here is the lone Rookie card from the pack: Joe Webb #151, drafted by the Vikings in the 6th round. He was drafted as a WR although he played QB at UAB. So we'll see if he will ever get to see playing time.

So there you have it. A hot pack that isn't a hot pack. Let this be a warning to you all out there that people on ebay are not always correct. These companies put in decoy cards for a reason. The best other pull was a Matt Ryan base card. 


  1. You didn't have an email posted on your profile, so I'm commenting here. I'd like to have that Brian Hartline card that you just showed at APTBNL, if it's up for trade. Shoot me an email, and I'm sure we can work something out. My email address is on my profile.
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